About Us

The Antigua and Barbuda Hotels & Tourism Association is a non-governmental organisation and the representative voice of the local tourism private sector with a membership which comprises hotels, airlines and nearly 50 other tourism-related entities.

The main focus areas for the Association are determined by the needs of our membership and are as follows:

  • To promote co-operation, understanding and closer association amongst management of hotels, guest houses, and other related businesses in Antigua and Barbuda catering in any way to the comfort and well being of the Tourist industry.

  • To establish and maintain a code of ethics to be followed in all business dealings by all members of the Association.

  • To protect and support the members of the Association in matters relating to their trade or business.

  • To stimulate interest in and good will towards Antigua and Barbuda‚s Tourist industry at home and abroad. To create awareness of the critical importance of tourism to the livelihoods and well being of all areas of the community.

  • To liaise continuously with Government and Government sponsored bodies with regards to matters affecting the Tourist Industry. To clarify and give advice on strategic tourism issues. To help solve problems and to remove obstacles to the effective management of hotel businesses and other kinds of business related to the hotel and tourism sector.

  • To organize, facilitate and support productive sales, advertising and marketing opportunities for members through co-operative advertising.

  • To carry on negotiations with all authorities or persons as considered in the interest of the Association.

  • To gather information, compile statistics, prepare studies and research work as shall be considered necessary to develop and improve the hotel and tourist industry.

  • To promote fair and harmonious labour relations between members and their employees and to assist them in labour negotiations and disputes.

  • To conduct and promote the organization of training programs and seminars in the field of hotel business and other related businesses connected to the tourism industry.

  • To collaborate with the public and private sectors in respect of environmental issues.

  • To work with local organisations to assist in promoting and developing cultural activities in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • To improve the quality and consistency of all hotel and related products through the creation, implementation and monitoring industry standards.

  • To participate in charitable activities or make contributions to charities for public welfare or national interest.